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My name is Szilard Ladanyi. I am the head of the development and advisory team here at Being an AI-guided Optimization project manager and software engineer creating software overarching developments; me and my team develop solutions related to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for our clients. I am also a BAFA - Germany certified Energy advisor.

Bitcoin is the invention of our lifetime. It is changing our very existence to the core by solving problems we never fathomed being problems to begin with. This transformation is accelerating to runaway speeds as we speak. And we - here at - are passionate about staying ahead of it. So let us offer you our knowledge and assist you boarding that Lightning fast train of Bitcoin's.

You guessed it - we really are hardcore Bitcoin maximalists. All our knowledge, expertise and efforts are exclusively directed towards Bitcoin, towards the epic invention, towards the internet of money, towards the only truly decentralized, open and immutable system on this planet.

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